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My name is Precious Carrington, I have been serving in the health care profession for over 20 years where I have developed a wealth of experience, knowledge and skills.

Working in the health care environment with people from diverse cultures & ethnic backgrounds has drawn me to develop an understanding of the stress levels that can affect people personally and professionally this awareness brought my attention to the lack of self care I would see in others. This has been the driving force which has moved me forward into the psychological school of thought.

Life can be very overwhelming at times and this can put us into a mental state of paralysis. When feeling stuck and in despair sometimes all we need is someone who will just listen to our story with respect and without judgment. With the reassurance that there is a way forward.

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Precious Carrington
RDN,Reg MBACP & NLP Practioner

Throughout my career as a psychotherapist and counsellor I have worked with clients experiencing all types of issues including drug and alcohol addictions (as well as many other types of addiction), self harm issues and suicidal ideations, mild and severe depression, and anxiety.

Formal qualifications:

BSc in psychotherapy
Certificate in NLP (Neuro Linguistic programming)

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